Luxury mansions – answers to questions about buying

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Let me offer you advise that I have collected about buying, renting or dwelling in luxury mansions so that you can better make an informed decision about whether luxury mansions are for you or not. The words luxury mansion instantly add a feeling of glamour to living if not expenses that are often much higher in comparison to the average living costs. Usually built on prime real estate like the Hollywood Hills USA, Nice France, The Swiss Alps and the Gold Coast Australia these luxury mansions offer conclusive living style with all the modern day luxuries that a home can offer. There are luxury mansions scattered all over the world on remote and isolated islands, beach front properties, hinterlands, snow fields and many other places such as oasis’s in the deserts of the world like Arabia and America or on high mountain ranges which offer 360 degree views.

If you are willing to pay for it then the world is your oyster and you can live in just about any style of luxury mansions that you desire. Normally the more remote and secluded a mansion is then the more you will pay for it either through renting or buying. Different countries around the world all have a unique definition about what is known as luxury mansions. Some may be the state of a castle while others may claim that land is needed for luxury mansions to be established. The number of rooms or the decor that furbishes the dwelling can also add to the list of items that lay claim to a house being common or luxury. Generally speaking however the property value which is a combination of many attributes is the defining factor that real estate owners define a property.

Around 5 to 8 years ago before the global property boom there were many houses that were not in the defines luxury mansions category however if a house once worth $600,000 is now worth $1,000,000 or more than its status is elevated to a luxury mansion. If this reasoning continues than is 50 years time old houses that increase past the million dollar mark will all be defined as luxurious dwellings. Therefore I believe that the luxury is in the eye of the beholder. A family that moves from an Indian shanty town into a house in America now lives in luxury thought the real estate property developer who decides to sell their big prize and live in his small apartment may move from luxury to common without a worry in the world because their perception of luxury mansions is a well developed and livable house. Penthouse apartments and high priced houses are the most common forms of luxury mansions to buy though these will depend on the market place and area that the buyer is deciding on.

Luxury Mansions In Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In fact, Beverly Hills is considered to be an affluent city in Los Angeles, California. Beverly Hills has become well known as the home of some of the most luxurious properties in the United States. Even though statistics indicate that Beverly Hills has about 34,000 residents, this is the home of many wealthy people, including individuals working within the film industry in Hollywood.

Beverly Hills homes mansions that are worth millions of dollars and luxurious homes that can impress everyone. Below you can find a list of the most shocking such properties. They all belong to celebrities.

1. Mulholland Estates

Mulholland Estates is a well known area in Beverly Hills. The impressive property was purchased in 2007 by Paris Hilton. This mansion has an area of no less than 7,500 square feet. It was built in 1991, including five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property features a swimming pool and a fitness room, too. Paris claimed that she will change one of this mansion’s rooms into a closet for her impressive designer shoe collection. Even though Paris Hilton paid the sum of $5.9 million for this mansion, the star moved back to her West Hollywood home, claiming that she had no privacy at Mulholland Estates. Still, this property remains one of the most impressive ones you will see in Beverly Hills.


2. Ohana

Ohana is another famous mansion in Beverly Hills. This mansion was actually named this way by its owner, Jennifer Aniston. The famous actress moved here in 2009, before turning 40, even though she purchased the property back in 2006. The mansion is absolutely impressive. It has an area of no less than 10,000 square feet. Ohana is worth about $42 million. The charming property has five bedrooms, seven bathroom, a family room, two living rooms, an indoor spa, a game room, as well as a garage that can house three cars. The mansion was actually remodeled this way before Jennifer moved here, according to her exact specification.


3. Michael Jackson’s Home

After moving out from his unique Neverland, Michael Jackson opted for an impressive mansion in the celebrity neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Beverly Hills mansion includes 9 bedrooms. Michael and his family lived here for a short period of time. In 2004, the property was sold.


As you can imagine, these are just some of the most impressive properties you can find in Beverly Hills. They all belong, or belonged, to famous people. Another luxurious mansion in this neighborhood is Jessica Simpson’s house. The property belonged to Ellen DeGeneres until being sold to the singer.

Most Expensive Flat In London For Sale

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London is without a doubt one of the most impressive cities in the world. The capital of England, London is a spectacular place to live in. Numerous people choose London as the place to set a home, so there is no shock in the fact that the housing sector in the capital city has been less affected by the financial crisis. London is home to some of the most expensive buildings in the world. The city homes expensive apartment buildings and is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Recently, the most expensive flat in London has been placed in sale. The apartment costs no less than $105 million and it surely looks amazing. If you have that sum of money to invest into a home, this surely is the right property to purchase.

This London flat has 5 bedrooms and more than 9000 square foot, being located in One Hyde Park, the most expensive building in the world. The views from the apartment are really spectacular, while the comfort is unique.

One Hyde Park is a complex of luxurious apartments, located in London. This is the building in which some of the richest and most influential people in the world live. The entire residential complex includes 86 apartments, most of them being sold to millionaires. Even though these properties belong to rich people, they are not all occupied by their owners, most of these apartments remaining free.

One of the most curious facts about this building is that even though sales for the apartments here started in 2007, at the peak of the financial crisis, they registered an impressive success. It seems that apartments worth more than $2.25 billion have been sold since the moment when the building was completed till today. The $104.6 million apartment recently sold is just the most recent one.

In this article you could also find a picture gallery of how this apartment looks. All these pictures have first been published by the Business Insider.

Celebrities and their Luxurious Homes

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We all know that celebrities travel a lot for their careers and that they probably spend a short amount of time in their homes. Even so, celebrities are the ones that make the most insane purchases when it come to real estate. The homes of numerous famous personalities are true jewelries in various ways. Whether they are small and filled with riches or large… and filled with riches, these mansions are the ones to make your jaw drop!

Eddy Murphy built a grand mansion in 2005, which cost him around $20 million, in the Beverly Hills 90210 area. Among the features of this real estate jewelry we can count: swimming pools, a bowling alley, tennis courts, a two-floored library and entertainment rooms. 

Eddy Murphy’s Mansion

Halle Berry opted for a masterpiece in West Hollywood, California. Although a large home, there are only 4 bedrooms inside. However, the outside is the one that makes this house a mansion indeed. There is an extravagant swimming pool placed there, alongside with a hot tub, completed with real volcanic lava fire pits.

Halle Berry’s Mansion

50 Cent bought an impressive estate in Connecticut. The grounds include the main home, guest houses, a lake with its own house, a tennis court, a swimming pool and many more. The interior is not to be neglected either as it contains: 19 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 5 Jacuzzis, 2 snooker rooms, a night club, a swimming pool, a racquetball court, a gym, a home cinema and so on.

50 Cent’s Mansion

John Travolta may only have paid $2.5 million on his home, but what is amazing about it is the two garages: one for his Boeing 707 and one for his Gulfstream. In addition to these, the garage for his cars is also impressive… since it has to fit the 15-car collection the actor owns.

John Travolta’s Mansion

Mary J. Blige is one singer that knows how to choose her real estate and she also knows how to bargain. Apparently, the artist managed to knock off $5 million of the original price of the mansion and only paid $12.3 million for her home. An elevator, a 14-seat theater, a gym and a basketball court complete the lovely mansion.

Mary J. Blige’s Mansion

Sandra Bullock may seem to have a smaller mansion and one that cost less (only $2.25 million), but what she created in the interior is another story. After purchasing the estate, the actress decided to have everything refurbished with marble mantelpieces and antique moldings. The exterior is set around the large swimming pool and the private barbecue area.

Sandra Bullock’s Mansion

Celine Dion is the proud owner of a $20 million “water-park” themed mansion. The estate is mainly based on the outside structure, which includes swimming pools, slides, bridges, artificial rivers and so on. The interior does not lack in prestige either creating a beautiful design with the help of black and white furniture and decorations.

Celine Dion’s Mansion

The enormous expenditures that celebrities make for their homes are sometimes outstanding. Some of these people cannot even walk around their house from one end to the other without getting tired! Others have intercoms throughout the house so that they can find other family members! Customized rooms are the biggest crazes, whether these are simple personalized bedrooms, gyms, theater rooms, play rooms and so on. Useful or not, large mansions are preferred by celebrities and they probably would be the choice of all people… if they had a celebrity paycheck!

Top 5 Most Expensive Luxury Mansions In The United States

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Numerous impressive luxury mansions are located all around the United States. These properties can easily shock with their sizes, luxury settings, but also with their huge prices. If you always wondered which are the most expensive luxury mansions in the United States, you reached the best place to get informed. Here is a top of the most expensive such properties located in the country.

5. Brentwood, California

Formerly known as the Robert Taylor Ranch, this property is now owned by Kenneth Roberts, who actually is the former owner of Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Roberts has previously tried to sell the property, but it seems he never was in the rush to close a deal. He asked $50 million for this impressive mansion, but he also placed it in sale at $29 million, $35 million and $40 million. However, the whole property is worth about $60 million.

This impressive ranch has an area of 112 acres, including 7 buildings. It has 70 rooms. The grounds include a tennis court, but also a swimming pool and stables. The property is located in Santa Monica Mountains.


4. Incline Village, Nevada

This impressive luxury mansion also is valued at $60 million. It features a great playground area on Lake Tahoe. The property has a surface of 11 square-foot when it comes to the main house, but it also includes about 340 feet of shoreline.

The mansion has 18 bedrooms and 19 baths. An impressive parking area, remote-controlled lifts and many other amenities can be found on this site.


3. Malibu, California

This area of the United States homes one of the most impressive luxury mansions in the world. The home is worth no less than $35 million. It features 11 baths, a great land that accompanies seven flat acres and panoramic ocean views.

This property also includes a private road to the beach, a swimming pool, tennis court and guard house.


2. New York, NY

There is no shock in the fact that an apartment in New York is more luxurious and much more expensive than a mansion in California or Nevada. This apartment is located in the top of The Pierre hotel and it actually is more like a mansion on the sky. It is valued at about $70 million.

The penthouse has five master bedrooms, seven full baths, but also three half baths and four terraces.


1. Bridgehampton, New York

The most expensive luxury mansion in the United States is located in New York. This property costs no less than $75 million. It features a main house, which has about 25,000 square feet. The property includes 14 gardens, as well.

Golf courses, tennis courts, a swimming pool and three large ponds can also be found on the property.


As you can imagine, these are just five of the most impressive luxury mansions located throughout the United States. Other amazing properties can be found in Miami, Kauai and East Hampton.

Top 5 Luxury Mansions of the World

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Luxury mansions can be quite fascinating… especially for people who don’t have them! For those who do, they are just a great reason to brag about how much they cost, about the number of bedrooms and baths and about how large of a staff they need to take care of the giant in which they live alone or with their family of four! Anyway, there are some spectacular houses out there that you should see and which can make you wonder about how it would be to live in them!

5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills is also called the Godfather Mansion and it went up for sale at $165 million. It has 29 bedrooms, a tennis club, a cinema, a nightclub and three swimming pools.


4. Fleur de Lys, Beverly Hills is Mariah Carey’s palace of a home for which the asking price is of $125 million. The splendid estate is modeled after the Palace of Versailles and it includes a wide selection of gardens and natural spaces, as well as a swimming pool, a spa and a tennis court.


3. Versailles, Florida is the largest home built in the US for a single family and it has 30 bedrooms. Although it is still under construction, the property is deemed to have 23 bathrooms, a roller skating rink, a bowling alley, an Olympic swimming pool, a ballroom and a children’s theater.


2. Updown Court, England was built in the 19th century and it is a private residence that estimates at around $150 million. It includes 103 rooms, five swimming pools and a famous 24-carat gold mosaic on the floor of the study.


1. Antilla, Mumbai is the first home that has entered the domain of billions in its price range. The 27-story skyscraper will cost $2 billion out of the $43 billion net-worth of the owner Mukesh Ambani. Each of the mansion stories will have a different look.


These are the top 5 most luxurious homes in the world. Some of them have been around for a long time, while others are still in their construction process. Either way, these impressive homes have astounding facilities and are the proud jewels of their owners and the aim of interior designers and contractors around the world!

Top Five Luxury Ski Mansions

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Some people just hate the winter and would do anything to avoid the cold season. Well, others love winter and snow so much that they actually own impressive luxury ski homes or rent them for the holiday. Each vacation can turn out being spectacular when spending time in such a home. Here is a top five of the most famous luxurious ski mansions in the world, as it has been presented by This list only includes the less expensive properties from the top.

5. Sun Valley, Idaho, Luxury Home

This property is valued at no less than $4.9 million. It has an area of 7,102 square feet and 6 bedrooms. The house also has 7 bathrooms. This amazing property used to belong to Brooke Shield. The house is surrounded by spectacular natural views.


4. Steamboat Spring, Colorado, Luxury Home

The luxurious home in this area of the United States is valued at no less than 7.995 million. It has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The whole area of the property is of 10,037 square feet. Within the luxurious home there also are two master suits and beautiful fireplaces. The comfort is spectacular, while the views from this spot are absolutely breathtaking.


3. Beaver Creek, Colorado, Luxury Home

In Colorado there actually are located numerous beautiful luxury homes. This property is valued at no less than $8.4 million, having an area of 6.091 square feet. The house has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. From this vacation home amazing mountain views can easily be admired. One of the best things about this place is that even though it is located in the middle of a wonderful natural area, it has easily access to the village and all the entertainment options that can be enjoyed there. 


2. Windham, New York, Luxury Home

The amazing property in New York will impress with its spectacular design, great comfort and unique amenities, including a pool table, a ping pong table and a home cinema room. The home is valued at $10.5 million and it actually has the impressive area of 15,000 square feet. This mansion also has 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. The property is placed at a distance of around 2.5 hours from New York City.


1. Teton Village, Wyoming, Luxury Home

This home’s price is even higher than the one of the mansions aforementioned, being set at $12.75 million. The property has an area of 6,884 square feet and 5 bedrooms, with an equal number of bathrooms. Furnishing is spectacular, the comfort is absolutely unique and the views panoramic.


Vail and Aspen, Colorado, but also Park City, Utah, are other US locations in which amazing luxurious homes can be found in great ski resorts.

Luxury Mansion Interior Design

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If you are searching for luxury mansions in order to buy one, you should also think of all the money you need to invest in such a house in order to make it look perfect. It is very important to have a great designer who is able to help you give your house the perfect glow. Leave everything in hands of the designer and pay all that you need to pay because he will probably make a very good job. He will find the right colors for your home, he will select the furniture himself and he will find the best decorations and accessories for the new building you purchased. Thanks to a good designer, in a relatively short time, a luxurious mansion can become your own home. Even if the designer will do all the hard work, you need to be open and to collaborate with him because the house needs to represent you and no one else and you are the one that should feel good in it. Such a mansion is extremely expensive, but if you buy it, do not get stingy when it comes about the interior design of it.

As long as you can afford the best and as long as you were able to pay for this house, you should also invest in its interiors. If you will move in it, this will be your home and you need to feel like home in it all the time and in all the rooms. If you want to have a starting point for the interior design of the mansion, you could look through home design magazines, because you will find lots of ideas in those. You can also check online.

There are many website where you can see beautiful luxury mansions similar to yours and admire the amazing interiors they have. Decorating the house on your own may seem fun to you, but you might risk transform it into something kitsch if you are not an expert. It is very important to know how to blend the colors with the furniture and with the accessories and although theoretically is not that hard, you will see that practice makes it really complicated. Better leave it in hands of a specialist whom you can pay in order to finish with everything in a certain time, for you to be able to move in whenever you want.

Top 5 Luxury Elements To Create A Sophisticated Home

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The main point of having luxury mansions is to show them off to everyone. In order to create the right amount of sophistication in the home, you should know that there are some luxury elements which should not mis from the general design of the estate, as they will bring even more to the general image created. Therefore, you have to consider the variety of the top 5 luxury elements to create a sophisticated home, which can be used singularly, in groups or in variations of these. The selection of the top 5 elements has been based on the fact that these are the items most likely to be present in all the luxury homes and therefore should be a part of yours.

The first element to consider is the large interior staircase. Normal houses have a simple staircase placed in one of the sides of the ground floor. In opposition to this, the luxurious homes have it placed in the front, usually in the large foyer at the entrance. This spectacular piece can be accentuated with a double row and with the usage of precious types of wood materials. The second element that you must have in your luxury house is the fireplace. The more massive it is, the better! You can accentuate the fireplace with various art objects and decorations. The office with a wall to wall library is the third thing that should not mis from a sophisticated home, as this is the way through which you can also show that you are as cultivated, as you are rich.

The final two entries of the top five elements are connected with the more modern and state of the art representations, as the previous ones were based on the idea of classical and tasteful luxury. The following two are also elements to be added to luxury mansions, but are more appealing to the younger generations. Therefore, the fourth item on the list is the personal theater room. In this case as well, the option is for the bigger, the better. It will be the place in which you and your fiends will spend a lot of time. This is also the case of the fifth item, which is the game room. Through the help of all these five items for the luxury mansions, you can finally find the way in which you want to design your mansion.

Luxury Mansions in the Caribbean

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Whoever says that the real estate market is going down the drain is wrong. While it is true that we are living in hard financial times, there are numerous real estate developers who still invest in luxury mansions. And they are right in investing, since there are plenty of buyers out there who are interested in purchasing luxury mansions. They do not look for any luxury mansions, though. If the luxury mansions are placed in exotic locations such as the Caribbean, then the chances of them selling are even higher. The Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

This group of islands is renowned for the great climate and amazing blue waters. Not only do many people choose to spend their holiday here, but they also purchase expensive properties that will give them the chance to come back here whenever they want to without worrying about accommodation. This is the main reason why people purchase luxury mansions in the Caribbean. They would rather spend an awful amount of money on luxury mansions and enjoy the privacy of their own home than spending less on a hotel that does not make them feel so comfortable. Investing in luxury mansions in the Caribbean is a great idea, since this spectacular place is the refuge of numerous people in search of relaxation. Imagine waking up every day in a spectacular mansion on the beach and being able to admire the crystal clear water and the sunset.

Your dream can come true, since there are numerous luxury mansions for sale in the Caribbean. An example is the luxury mansions along the white sands of th Mayan Islands, which have an unmatched elegance. They span on 6,500 square feet of interior space and have enormous living spaces that can make everyone feel like royalty. The luxury mansions are also equipped with expansive pools and outdoor living areas. Simple, yet extremely elegant, these luxury mansions can be the dream of every buyer. Luxury mansions can be found in other parts of the Caribbean, as well. Since the Internet is at the tip of your fingers, searching for luxury mansions in the Caribbean has never been easier.

Unusual Amenities In Luxury Mansions

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Everyone dreams about having the perfect home. And some people are able to make their dreams come true by purchasing impressive luxury mansions. Since the main purpose of building or even purchasing luxury mansions is to impress, by living in an amazingly comfortable and really unique home, there is no wonder that many such properties currently include some of the most unusual amenities. So, when it comes to luxury mansions, owners tend to upgrade them to extreme, opting for some of the most outrageous facilities possible. And by unusual amenities you should not understand home theaters, which have become quite a common when talking about celebrity homes.

For instance, in Laguna Beach you will be able to find one of the luxury mansions which includes very unusual amenities. The house here is worth $10 million and it features a secret subterranean entrance, below the house. The purpose of this amenity is to take a car through the hidden garage up in an elevator, which will actually transport the vehicle into the house. One of the many luxury mansions located in Las Vegas has a facility that really anyone would dream of. So, here you will find a sandy beach island and a full water park. In Beverly Hills, a luxurious home has a giant swimming pool that worths alone more than $4 million. A little island, huge gardens, numerous sports fields, place to accommodate even a plane, among many other impressive amenities, manage to draw a huge number of potential buyers to the luxury mansions available in sale. 

So, despite their huge prices, luxury mansions are really popular nowadays. Their value seems to grow when luxury mansions include indoor walls of water or impressive parks, among numerous other great amenities. After all, buyers want to stand out with their choices, so there is no wonder that luxury mansions are amazingly popular. Celebrities, famous people, businessmen and naturally rich people are always owners of luxury mansions. And the most curious thing about these properties is that despite the economical crisis and the stagnation in numerous domains, the popularity of luxury mansions market has not yet paled.

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