10 Incredible Luxury Mansions

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Luxury mansions are the dream of everyone. These real estate miracles have always been very popular, especially among celebrities and rich magnates. There are 10 luxury mansions, though, that exceed any kind of expectation and are probably the most incredible properties in the world. Starting the luxury mansions countdown, on number 10 we have Barbie Malibu Mansion, which is a life-size mansion inspired by the world renown doll and its dream house. This luxury mansion was made in honor of Barbie’s 50th birthday and it has everything, from shoes to cupcakes, so no wonder that the price is about $ 200 million.

Number 9 is occupied by the Manalapan Residence, which is a perfect mix of Old World elegance and classicism and was estimated at $ 135 million. At number 8, we have The Manor, in Los Angeles, which is the dream house of Aaron Spelling, built for him in 1991, and costs $ 150 million. Number 7 comes with Villa Leopolda, in France, which became famous because it caused a person to lose a $ 75 million deposit, out of the $ 750 million that the mansion is worth. There are also many famous eco luxury mansions, and la crème de la crème was ranked on number 6, this is Acqua Liana, in Florida. Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills, also known as The Godfather Mansion, comes on number 5 and values $ 165 million, becoming one of the most expensive residential luxury mansions is the US.

Mariah Carey’s palace, Fleur De Lys, is number 4 in this luxury mansions chart and is worth $ 125 million. This impressive property resembles the Palace of Versaille. The 3rd position is occupied by another Versailles, this time in Florida, which is the largest family home that has ever been built in the US and was put on the market at $ 75 million. On number 2 in the luxury mansions chart we have Updown Court, England, the most important private residence in the country, dating back to the 19th century. This property is worth more than $ 150 million. And finally, the winner is Antilla, the Dubai property with a unique feature: it is the first billion dollar home in the world. This is definitely one of the most incredible luxury mansions in the world and it is owned by the magnet Mukesh Ambani.