Buying or building a luxury mansion

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The first question about luxury mansions that the buyer or builder will argue about is always in what location should it be. Once this is decided the next question would be which way to we face the front entrance, the bedrooms and the kitchen? Whether you are settling on a new mansion at the top of a mountain range in the Swiss Alps or by the beach in Hawaii most people are satisfied with where there house is built because if they were not it is only their fault for buying the place first off. That gives you a bit more lean way when you are planning to build your own mansion because you are in control of where you want to put it.

The great lakes in America have some of the oldest and most magnificent luxury mansion there are in the world however the mansions in Europe are almost like castles compared to these. This might be a little like comparing apples to oranges and really it is but the difference around the world in what is defined as a mansion would astound you. With modern technology and super fast transport there are plenty of European style mansions now being built in the American countryside?