Celebrity Luxury Mansions

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Everybody knows that most celebrities have a thing for opulence and that they want the best that money can buy. This is why they do not hesitate in buying the most expensive luxury mansions, especially when it comes to their comfort. You would be amazed by the amount of money that celebrities spend on luxury mansions. Most people do not make that much money in a lifetime, but for celebrities this is quite normal. Moreover, once they decide to move out of their luxury mansions, their prices rises dramatically, just because celebrities have lived there.

Some of the most gorgeous celebrity luxury mansions are owned by Oprah Winfrey, in Santa Barbara, California, by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, in Vancouver, Canada, and by Madonna, in England. Other celebrities who live in beautiful luxury mansions are George Clooney, Joel Horowitz, Jerry Seinfeld, William Zysblat, Tony Hawk, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Sandra Bullock. Examples are many, but if you want to purchase celebrity luxury mansions, you should hurry up, because some amazing properties are for sale, and they may not be there for too long. You should be prepared though, because these luxury mansions can cost a fortune. So the celebrity luxury mansions that you could purchase, if you have the money for them, are Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills mansion ($ 42 million), Michael Jackson’s Holmby Hills Mansion ($ 29 million), Nicolas Cages’s Bayshore Drive home ($ 28.5 million), Katherine Hepburn’s family mansion ($ 28 million), Val Kilmer’s New Mexico ranch ($ 18.5 million), Mel Gibson’s Malibu home ($ 14.5 million) and Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel-Air Estate ($ 8.6 million).

As you can see, the prices that celebrity luxury mansions are sold for are exorbitant. However, their opulence, unique design and gorgeous decorations make the celebrity luxury mansions some of the most wanted properties in the world, especially as, besides the spectacular design, they have some great facilities as well. You may wonder why would celebrities need these luxury mansions, but ask yourself, if you had the money, would not you want to live in one?