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There are many differences between owning an oversized home and then owning a luxury mansion. The amount of money that you pay for a certain dwelling is not always the best indicator for its title as there are many other aspects about the dwelling that should be taken into consideration. Rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms are part of the bigger picture when luxury mansions spend much more money on fittings than the average home. Often the cost will be at least twice as much as a normal mansion through items like marble floors and even as far as gold or silver tap fittings.

Outside the luxury mansions will also tell the tale of the difference between the average and the luxurious. Pools, spas, saunas and other outdoor recreational placements will indicate the price of the home and its status. Tennis courts are another big seller for luxury mansions. Often you will find pools with intricate settings like waterfalls, bars or even caves with tables and seats in them in the luxury mansions.

Rooms are another great way of telling what is what in a luxury mansion. The bigger the master bedrooms and the master bedrooms with more attachments like giant bathrooms, saunas and solariums will dictate that these are more luxurious mansions. Often the luxury mansions will have a spa bathtub in their master bedroom bathrooms. Pool table or gaming rooms are another good key to luxury plus sunrooms, solariums, observatories and many other specialty rooms. Take a good look at what you are wishing to purchase before you pay top dollar for a luxury mansion which I far under par for luxuriousness.