Why would I buy luxury mansions?

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After having a taste of the good life when I won the lotto several years ago there is now no going back for me to the simple life. Many of my old friends think that I have turned vain however I just believe that I prefer quality of life now because I have had some of the finer things lavished on me.

Buying luxury mansions will certainly set you back a few million dollars but the investment is worth it in the end. The golden rule is that property holds its value better than most other investments so buying big means that potentially you can make a big profit in the sale years down the track.

Depending on how my life goes over the next couple of years I may decide to sell off one of my mansions and buy something a bit smaller for retirement however I will keep the one in San Francisco as well as the one on the Hawaii beach so that I have a place to travel to for my vacations.