Celebrities and their Luxurious Homes

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We all know that celebrities travel a lot for their careers and that they probably spend a short amount of time in their homes. Even so, celebrities are the ones that make the most insane purchases when it come to real estate. The homes of numerous famous personalities are true jewelries in various ways. Whether they are small and filled with riches or large… and filled with riches, these mansions are the ones to make your jaw drop!

Eddy Murphy built a grand mansion in 2005, which cost him around $20 million, in the Beverly Hills 90210 area. Among the features of this real estate jewelry we can count: swimming pools, a bowling alley, tennis courts, a two-floored library and entertainment rooms. 

Eddy Murphy’s Mansion

Halle Berry opted for a masterpiece in West Hollywood, California. Although a large home, there are only 4 bedrooms inside. However, the outside is the one that makes this house a mansion indeed. There is an extravagant swimming pool placed there, alongside with a hot tub, completed with real volcanic lava fire pits.

Halle Berry’s Mansion

50 Cent bought an impressive estate in Connecticut. The grounds include the main home, guest houses, a lake with its own house, a tennis court, a swimming pool and many more. The interior is not to be neglected either as it contains: 19 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 5 Jacuzzis, 2 snooker rooms, a night club, a swimming pool, a racquetball court, a gym, a home cinema and so on.

50 Cent’s Mansion

John Travolta may only have paid $2.5 million on his home, but what is amazing about it is the two garages: one for his Boeing 707 and one for his Gulfstream. In addition to these, the garage for his cars is also impressive… since it has to fit the 15-car collection the actor owns.

John Travolta’s Mansion

Mary J. Blige is one singer that knows how to choose her real estate and she also knows how to bargain. Apparently, the artist managed to knock off $5 million of the original price of the mansion and only paid $12.3 million for her home. An elevator, a 14-seat theater, a gym and a basketball court complete the lovely mansion.

Mary J. Blige’s Mansion

Sandra Bullock may seem to have a smaller mansion and one that cost less (only $2.25 million), but what she created in the interior is another story. After purchasing the estate, the actress decided to have everything refurbished with marble mantelpieces and antique moldings. The exterior is set around the large swimming pool and the private barbecue area.

Sandra Bullock’s Mansion

Celine Dion is the proud owner of a $20 million “water-park” themed mansion. The estate is mainly based on the outside structure, which includes swimming pools, slides, bridges, artificial rivers and so on. The interior does not lack in prestige either creating a beautiful design with the help of black and white furniture and decorations.

Celine Dion’s Mansion

The enormous expenditures that celebrities make for their homes are sometimes outstanding. Some of these people cannot even walk around their house from one end to the other without getting tired! Others have intercoms throughout the house so that they can find other family members! Customized rooms are the biggest crazes, whether these are simple personalized bedrooms, gyms, theater rooms, play rooms and so on. Useful or not, large mansions are preferred by celebrities and they probably would be the choice of all people… if they had a celebrity paycheck!