Luxury mansions – answers to questions about buying

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Let me offer you advise that I have collected about buying, renting or dwelling in luxury mansions so that you can better make an informed decision about whether luxury mansions are for you or not. The words luxury mansion instantly add a feeling of glamour to living if not expenses that are often much higher in comparison to the average living costs. Usually built on prime real estate like the Hollywood Hills USA, Nice France, The Swiss Alps and the Gold Coast Australia these luxury mansions offer conclusive living style with all the modern day luxuries that a home can offer. There are luxury mansions scattered all over the world on remote and isolated islands, beach front properties, hinterlands, snow fields and many other places such as oasis’s in the deserts of the world like Arabia and America or on high mountain ranges which offer 360 degree views.

If you are willing to pay for it then the world is your oyster and you can live in just about any style of luxury mansions that you desire. Normally the more remote and secluded a mansion is then the more you will pay for it either through renting or buying. Different countries around the world all have a unique definition about what is known as luxury mansions. Some may be the state of a castle while others may claim that land is needed for luxury mansions to be established. The number of rooms or the decor that furbishes the dwelling can also add to the list of items that lay claim to a house being common or luxury. Generally speaking however the property value which is a combination of many attributes is the defining factor that real estate owners define a property.

Around 5 to 8 years ago before the global property boom there were many houses that were not in the defines luxury mansions category however if a house once worth $600,000 is now worth $1,000,000 or more than its status is elevated to a luxury mansion. If this reasoning continues than is 50 years time old houses that increase past the million dollar mark will all be defined as luxurious dwellings. Therefore I believe that the luxury is in the eye of the beholder. A family that moves from an Indian shanty town into a house in America now lives in luxury thought the real estate property developer who decides to sell their big prize and live in his small apartment may move from luxury to common without a worry in the world because their perception of luxury mansions is a well developed and livable house. Penthouse apartments and high priced houses are the most common forms of luxury mansions to buy though these will depend on the market place and area that the buyer is deciding on.