Luxury Mansions In Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In fact, Beverly Hills is considered to be an affluent city in Los Angeles, California. Beverly Hills has become well known as the home of some of the most luxurious properties in the United States. Even though statistics indicate that Beverly Hills has about 34,000 residents, this is the home of many wealthy people, including individuals working within the film industry in Hollywood.

Beverly Hills homes mansions that are worth millions of dollars and luxurious homes that can impress everyone. Below you can find a list of the most shocking such properties. They all belong to celebrities.

1. Mulholland Estates

Mulholland Estates is a well known area in Beverly Hills. The impressive property was purchased in 2007 by Paris Hilton. This mansion has an area of no less than 7,500 square feet. It was built in 1991, including five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property features a swimming pool and a fitness room, too. Paris claimed that she will change one of this mansion’s rooms into a closet for her impressive designer shoe collection. Even though Paris Hilton paid the sum of $5.9 million for this mansion, the star moved back to her West Hollywood home, claiming that she had no privacy at Mulholland Estates. Still, this property remains one of the most impressive ones you will see in Beverly Hills.


2. Ohana

Ohana is another famous mansion in Beverly Hills. This mansion was actually named this way by its owner, Jennifer Aniston. The famous actress moved here in 2009, before turning 40, even though she purchased the property back in 2006. The mansion is absolutely impressive. It has an area of no less than 10,000 square feet. Ohana is worth about $42 million. The charming property has five bedrooms, seven bathroom, a family room, two living rooms, an indoor spa, a game room, as well as a garage that can house three cars. The mansion was actually remodeled this way before Jennifer moved here, according to her exact specification.


3. Michael Jackson’s Home

After moving out from his unique Neverland, Michael Jackson opted for an impressive mansion in the celebrity neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Beverly Hills mansion includes 9 bedrooms. Michael and his family lived here for a short period of time. In 2004, the property was sold.


As you can imagine, these are just some of the most impressive properties you can find in Beverly Hills. They all belong, or belonged, to famous people. Another luxurious mansion in this neighborhood is Jessica Simpson’s house. The property belonged to Ellen DeGeneres until being sold to the singer.