Top 5 Most Expensive Luxury Mansions In The United States

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Numerous impressive luxury mansions are located all around the United States. These properties can easily shock with their sizes, luxury settings, but also with their huge prices. If you always wondered which are the most expensive luxury mansions in the United States, you reached the best place to get informed. Here is a top of the most expensive such properties located in the country.

5. Brentwood, California

Formerly known as the Robert Taylor Ranch, this property is now owned by Kenneth Roberts, who actually is the former owner of Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Roberts has previously tried to sell the property, but it seems he never was in the rush to close a deal. He asked $50 million for this impressive mansion, but he also placed it in sale at $29 million, $35 million and $40 million. However, the whole property is worth about $60 million.

This impressive ranch has an area of 112 acres, including 7 buildings. It has 70 rooms. The grounds include a tennis court, but also a swimming pool and stables. The property is located in Santa Monica Mountains.


4. Incline Village, Nevada

This impressive luxury mansion also is valued at $60 million. It features a great playground area on Lake Tahoe. The property has a surface of 11 square-foot when it comes to the main house, but it also includes about 340 feet of shoreline.

The mansion has 18 bedrooms and 19 baths. An impressive parking area, remote-controlled lifts and many other amenities can be found on this site.


3. Malibu, California

This area of the United States homes one of the most impressive luxury mansions in the world. The home is worth no less than $35 million. It features 11 baths, a great land that accompanies seven flat acres and panoramic ocean views.

This property also includes a private road to the beach, a swimming pool, tennis court and guard house.


2. New York, NY

There is no shock in the fact that an apartment in New York is more luxurious and much more expensive than a mansion in California or Nevada. This apartment is located in the top of The Pierre hotel and it actually is more like a mansion on the sky. It is valued at about $70 million.

The penthouse has five master bedrooms, seven full baths, but also three half baths and four terraces.


1. Bridgehampton, New York

The most expensive luxury mansion in the United States is located in New York. This property costs no less than $75 million. It features a main house, which has about 25,000 square feet. The property includes 14 gardens, as well.

Golf courses, tennis courts, a swimming pool and three large ponds can also be found on the property.


As you can imagine, these are just five of the most impressive luxury mansions located throughout the United States. Other amazing properties can be found in Miami, Kauai and East Hampton.