Top Five Luxury Ski Mansions

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Some people just hate the winter and would do anything to avoid the cold season. Well, others love winter and snow so much that they actually own impressive luxury ski homes or rent them for the holiday. Each vacation can turn out being spectacular when spending time in such a home. Here is a top five of the most famous luxurious ski mansions in the world, as it has been presented by This list only includes the less expensive properties from the top.

5. Sun Valley, Idaho, Luxury Home

This property is valued at no less than $4.9 million. It has an area of 7,102 square feet and 6 bedrooms. The house also has 7 bathrooms. This amazing property used to belong to Brooke Shield. The house is surrounded by spectacular natural views.


4. Steamboat Spring, Colorado, Luxury Home

The luxurious home in this area of the United States is valued at no less than 7.995 million. It has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The whole area of the property is of 10,037 square feet. Within the luxurious home there also are two master suits and beautiful fireplaces. The comfort is spectacular, while the views from this spot are absolutely breathtaking.


3. Beaver Creek, Colorado, Luxury Home

In Colorado there actually are located numerous beautiful luxury homes. This property is valued at no less than $8.4 million, having an area of 6.091 square feet. The house has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. From this vacation home amazing mountain views can easily be admired. One of the best things about this place is that even though it is located in the middle of a wonderful natural area, it has easily access to the village and all the entertainment options that can be enjoyed there. 


2. Windham, New York, Luxury Home

The amazing property in New York will impress with its spectacular design, great comfort and unique amenities, including a pool table, a ping pong table and a home cinema room. The home is valued at $10.5 million and it actually has the impressive area of 15,000 square feet. This mansion also has 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. The property is placed at a distance of around 2.5 hours from New York City.


1. Teton Village, Wyoming, Luxury Home

This home’s price is even higher than the one of the mansions aforementioned, being set at $12.75 million. The property has an area of 6,884 square feet and 5 bedrooms, with an equal number of bathrooms. Furnishing is spectacular, the comfort is absolutely unique and the views panoramic.


Vail and Aspen, Colorado, but also Park City, Utah, are other US locations in which amazing luxurious homes can be found in great ski resorts.