Top Ten

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Take a glimpse of top ten luxurious mansions of the world. Feel amazed by this outstanding splurge villas and mansions and read some interesting facts about them.
1) “The Manor” – a luxury mansion owned by American film producer Allan Spelling. The location of this stunning edifice id Los Angeles, California. The territory this dwelling shares is about 56 500 square feet and it is know as the expensive mansion of them all, estimated to $150 million.
2) “Russell Simmon’s Super Mansion”-- situated in Saddle River, New Jersey, this extremely expensive house amazes with its features that has been estimated to $20 million. The territory this mansion covers is about 35 000 square feet.
3) “ Dean Garden” – a magnificent property worth $30 million situated in Alpharetta and covering about 42 square feet.
4) “Hampton’s Mega Mansion”-- 110 000 square feet of beautiful architectural design, known as the biggest living compound in USA. Its price is estimated to $185 million and is owned by Ira Rennert. This marvelous mansion is located in Sagaponack, New York.
5) “Georgia Mega Mansion” – also known as “La Reve” this $45 million mansion is possessed by Hubert and Norma Humphrey. This outstanding home is 47 000 square feet big and has 82 rooms, representing the biggest house in Georgia.
6) “New Jersey’s Largest House”-- situated in Alpine, New Jersey, this amazing 60 000 square feet mansion was sold recently to an unknown businessman for $40 million dollars.
7) “Maison de L’Amitie” – the residence of Donald Trump located on Palm Beach, California. Including outer buildings this mansion covers 80 000 square feet and is $100 million worth.
8 ) “The Ecology House” – representing Bill Gates’ Mega Mansion, this highly advanced compound is estimated to $147.5 million and covers 66 000 square feet of Washington land.
9) “Champ d’Or” – its owner Alan Goldfield sells this huge mansion for $65.5 million. Located in Hickory Creek, Texas , Champ d’Or has about 35 000 square feet. This home can be described only as a piece of art sharing unique views.
10) “Alpine Spec Mega Mansion”-- the price tag of this huge mansion worth is about $42.5 million and the covered territory is about 35 000 square feet.